Commissioning of substations, synchronous generators and motors with excitation systems and relay protections, all over the world.

ABB Substation, SA Systems, Motors, FACTS, Power Generation, OWC and Relays Västerås Sweden:

Commissioning of substations, synchronous generators and motors with excitation systems and relay protections, all over the world.



  • Unitrol1000&1020, Unitrol-F, Basler DECS200 Excitation systems
  • AC500, AC31, AC800M and PP826, PP220 PLC and operator interfaces
  • Rex670, Rex650, Rex630, Rex615, Rex5xx, Rex316, Rex1xx, Combiflex, SPAM150, REM545, RET543, REF541, SEL, Siemens and GE Multilin relay protections.
  • IEC61850
  • Synchrotact 3,4,5, FAS-115DG and GPU synchronizers
  • MicomSeries protections like P746 Busbar, P546 LineDiff, P446 Distance


  • Test lead for two SVK 400kV susbation project with FAT in Lithuania
  • Commissioning lead for one SVK 400kV substation project


  • ABB protction IED’s like REL670,RED670,RET670,REB670,REC670 and PWC600
  • Siemens protection IED’s like 7SL86, 7SA86, 7SJ86, 6MD85, 7SS85, 7KE85
  • KoCos disturbance recorder Sherlog and Meinberg GPS 

Alstom Power, Areva T&D Västerås Sweden and Alstom Power A/S Norway:

  • Participation in the commissioning of Esti hydro power plant in Panama.
  • Participation in the commissioning of Kontiskan HVDC link between Sweden and Denmark.
  • Participation in the commissioning of Nye Tyin hydro power plant in Övre Årdal Norway.
  • Participation in commissioning of relay protections at Eskilstuna thermal power plant after replacemant of the generator.


  • AREVA Micom series relay protections

Teknologiskt Institut:

Developing and performing technical courses in the field of Relay protections in different electrical power system applications.

Megger Sweden AB:

Presentation and demonstartion of electricla test equipmnt like GOOSER and Freja at fairs and conferences.


Development of a manual for testing, setting and configuration of one line distance protection REL511 and REL650.

Vattenfall vattenkraft:

Troubleshooting of transformer protection P633 at Gjemån hydropower plant in Hemavan Sweden.

Dresser-Rand in Norway:

Electrical maintenance and testing of relay protection of different KG2 gasturbine installations onshore and offshore.


Relay protection coordination study for small scale hydro power plants.


Troubleshooting and maintenance testing at 40/10kV substation.

Holtab AB:

Testing of relay protections at 10kV substation connected to a windmill.


Electrical maintenance, trouble shooting and refurbishment of generator protection and excitation at an emergency power plant.

Sotenäs kommun:

Electrical maintenance and trouble shooting of an emergency power plant.

40MW Motorformer at Troll A platform in the North sea
Control room in Sabaneta hydro power plant in Dominican Republic
8MW generator at Hatillo hydro power plant in Dominican Republic
Esti Hydro power station in Panama 2003
Thortonbank windfarm offshore 150/33kV substation on its way from ship yard in Rotterdam to its final location offshore Ostende in Belgium in 2012
Patrik Crafoord in action at Degeberga 40/10kV substation in 2017
Anders and Fredrik after upgrading the excitation equipment in one KG2 driven AVK generator at NÄL hospital in Sweden 2013
Anders is conducting a relay protection training course for Teknologiskt Institute in Stockholm 2016
Anders given a presentation of Megger relay protection test equipment at a fair in Jakarata 2014